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High Heel Pain & Ache from High Heels

Help with pain in those High Heels...
High heel pain is a fact of life when wearing high heels. High heel pain is prevalent because high heels simply do not provide the cushioning and support that our feet need when we walk. In addition, heels tend to distribute weight along the foot in unnatural ways, leading to damage and pain that otherwise would not likely develop.

Women love wearing them to work, and high heel pain is sometimes a sacrifice that has to be made! Although a pair of high heels gives a sexy image, they can also do damage to your feet. Since heels move your bodyweight forward, tissue in the foot, as well as throughout the body, shift to counteract the adjusted weight distribution while also absorbing pressure that suddenly increases in certain areas.

Despite the common high heel pain, women continue to wear heels, and itís certainly no wonder why. Theyíre sexy, as well as lending an authoritative and glamorous look. High heels have simply become commonplace in fashion, and are a necessarily component of a womanís wardrobe.

High Heel Pain & The Damage They Cause

Although pain can result in numerous places, high heel pain is most commonly felt in the feet. Metatarsalgia, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, calluses, fallen arches, and bunions, are just a few of the common foot pain issues, not to mention pain in the hips, ankles, and back.

One of the most common sources of high heel pain is metatarsalgia. When walking with high heels, your body weight is pushed forward, and your toes and ball of the foot absorbs the majority of the pressure. This is quite abnormal, as weight is not distributed evenly throughout the foot as it usually is with other types of footwear. Needless to say, this can promote serious wear and tear issues and it places excessive strain on muscles, ligaments, and even the bones in the foot.

Heel Pads Are A Girlís Best Friend

Although high heel pain can become increasingly intolerable over time, there are methods for reducing pain, and even reverse the adverse conditions causing it. First and foremost, if chronic pain is resulting from wearing high heels, itís important to reduce how often you wear them in order to limit damage and decrease the severity of symptoms. A shoe with a lower or wider heel is also a helpful solution to minimize pain.

Wearing a heel pad can also reduce high heel pain. Heel pads are an over-the-counter conservative treatment method that helps to counteract the abnormal strain and damage that may have been caused by high heels. In addition, they can be slipped into virtually any pair of shoes that have a backing, allowing them to reverse pain and discomfort while you walk. Other treatments can be cumbersome and ineffective. Seeking the advice and treatment of a professional can is always recommended, however they may advise custom-made orthotics or other treatment that could put a dent in your wallet, without a guarantee of results! Heel Pads tend to be effective solution in most cases of high heel pain. Best of all, heel pads help you retain comfort without slowing you down.

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