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Heel Pads in your shoes...
Heel pads in shoes make the ideal solution for minimizing heel pain symptoms, and are also helpful in the treatment of the actual causes of common heel pain ailments. Some heel pads in shoes are made for different purposes. Some are made for simply cushioning and comfort, thereby masking pain, but doing little to reverse symptoms. Other heel pads, however, are specifically designed to treat the root of the problem, and help reverse adverse symptoms associated with common heel conditions, such as plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.

When suffering from heel pain, heel pads in your shoes are a great way to help ease symptoms, and are also great because of their over-the-counter availability and affordability. Also, since they are durable and they work in virtually any shoe with a backing, even those with most active lifestyles can use heel pads in their shoes to treat symptoms and the source of discomfort.

Your feet absorb significant weight and stress, and heel pads in shoes should be able to stand up to that repetitive pressure. In addition to the entire weight of our body, heel pads need to absorb the additional weight of objects we may carry during the day, and also the additional strain of exercise.

What To Expect When Heel Pads in Shoes Work

Heel pads in shoes most likely are up against heel spurs or plantar fasciitis, the most common causes of heel pain. These conditions may results in a dull aching pain that may be acute, but may also develop into chronic and sharp pain if left untreated. These conditions typically yield the most pain in the mornings or after periods of lethargy, but tend to be less severe when walking for a short time as the tissue around the foot adjusts and warms up.

With a heel pad in your shoes, you can help counteract the issues that lead to damage. Stress on the plantar fascia ligament, which is a fibrous band of tissue along the bottom of the foot, is typically the cause of heel pain condition. As repetitive or too much stress is placed on the ligament, tears and inflammation can develop. This is particularly common with athletes and especially those who do not stretch before workouts. In addition, when the foot hits the ground abnormally due to flat feet, high arches, or other biomechanical issue, additional pressure can be applied to the heel.

Heel Pads in Shoes are Key to Heel Pain Relief

No matter what your type of shoes you wear, heel pads in shoes help to relieve most heel pain symptoms as long as you have a closed back shoe. Best of all, heel pads can be worn throughout the day, when you’re on your feet and when you need them most. Although other treatments are available, the right heel pad can help stretch the plantar fascia, simulate natural cushioning from the heel’s fat pad, and help to absorb the daily strains that encourage further heel pain.

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