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Bruised heels can be a painful symptom, and sometimes an indication of even bigger heel ailments. A bruised heel develops around the heel bone, which is also called the calcaneus. This bone absorbs significant pressure everyday, taking the brunt of our bodyís weight intermittently throughout the day as we walk. Protecting the heel bone is a natural fat pad that helps cushion our steps.

A bruised heel can result in a number of ways. In many cases, the fat pad can simply be displaced after repeated pushing on the heel. This can occur during repeated pounding, such as during heavy lifting or during prolonged physical activity. As the fat pad is displaced, more sensitive tissue around the heel bone is exposed, placing you at risk to developing the bruised heel.

There are many conservative methods for helping preventing or reduce the occurrence of a bruised heel. Resting is probably the easiest method of reducing the severity of a heel bruise. Replacing shoes that lack proper fit, cushioning, and support, may also be needed. However, if these methods do not work in helping to rapidly reverse a bruised heel, a common method is using a heel pad. Heel pads, which are commonly referred to as a heel cup, shoe insert, or an orthotic insert, can easily fit into most pairs of shoes, providing the support that may be lacking in your shoes, helping to counteract stress while you walk.

Common conditions that can develop with a bruised heel are plantar fasciitis, heel spur, bursitis, or a stress fracture on the heel bone. Although these conditions can display symptoms of varying severity, quality heel pads can help most of them. The right heel pad can even redistribute the heelís fat pad and promote natural cushioning.

Whether a bruised heel is caused by chronic or acute heel conditions such as plantar fasciitis or bursitis, the right heel pad is among the easiest forms of treatment to use, in addition to providing the results needed to keep you moving pain free.

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